• “During the second half of 2016 we had a pleasure to lead the EC Project ,,On-the-spot monitoring of IPA 2010, 2011 in Croatia“ composed by the international team. Ms. Monika Kordić, from Genius Consulting was appointed as a expert for Agriculture and Rural Development projects. She has shown deep and wider knowledge of the sector that was crucial for successful project implementation. We are looking forward to future cooperation with Genius Consulting.”
    Paulina Ziętal, Ecorys Polska Sp.z.o.o.

    Paulina Ziętal

    Ecorys Polska Sp.z.o.o.

  • “Working with Genius Consulting was great. They are very engaged and customer-oriented and really care to deliver high quality”
    Markus Reichel, Dreberis GmbH

    Markus Reichel

    Dreberis GmbH

  • “We work with Genius Consulting for a year and we are very satisfied with the service quality they provide and with the speed of solving business challenges. Genius Consulting is our business partner in the application and implementation of projects co-financed from EU funds.”
    Goran Adamović, Eurolam d.o.o.

    Goran Adamović

    Eurolam d.o.o.

  • We hired Genius Consulting for preparation of project documentation for the tender financed from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Although the competition on the first tender was very high, their effort, knowledge and experience contributed to the achievement of support. We are already preparing for the next tender.
    Ivan Batistić, „Zure ribarstvo“ obrt za morski ribolov i turizam

    Ivan Batistić

    „Zure ribarstvo“ - craft for fishing and tourism

  • I appreciate the flexibility of the Genius Consulting team. They are always willing to selflessly share any new information relevant to the ICT industry and help us with advices about EU funds.
    Ivana Janković Šafranić, Microlink d.o.o.

    Ivana Janković Šafranić

    Microlink d.o.o.

  • Team members of Genius Consulting demonstrated expertise, reliability and efficiency in the withdrawal of grants, with my minimum involvement which enabled me to freely perform daily activities within the company. They are very simple and practical and put the benefit of clients at the first place. Support after the project is excellent and always available, so definitely recommend Genius Consulting.
    Mario Mareković,  Dam d.o.o. CEO
    Mario Mareković

    Dam d.o.o.


Ivan Orač, Partner

Ivan Orač works on the preparation and implementation of projects in the agri-food sector

Marin Vučemilo

mag.oec., Partner

Marin Vučemilo works on development of project concepts funded by EU and national funds.

Monika Kordić

univ.spec.oec., Partner

Monika Kordić has 15 years of experience as a PM in the field of EU funds and national grants.

Clients and partners