We help organizations to adapt to the constant changes that occur in the market. In this way, we remove the negative impact of changes on business and contribute to the excellence of our clients.

Our common goal is to use the resources to the maximum, which would enable high productivity and efficiency, and continuous and sustainable business growth.

Within the consulting business we offer services covering different business segments:

  • Due diligence of the business entity (analysis of organizational structure, financial position, product portfolio, business processes, etc.).
  • Preparing and conducting workshops for your employees
  • Identification and solution of problem issues in business
  • Making suggestions of the future situation of the business entity and planned improvements

Within the consulting business we offer specific services:

  • Market and market trends analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • The positioning of products and services on the market
  • Managing the processes of strategic and operational procurement
  • Managing the process of marketing and development of marketing plans
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Creating performance indicators for specific business processes
  • Optimization of the product portfolio
  • Managing organizational changes


• Analysis of the current situation
• Identification of problem areas
• Making suggestions for future solutions
• Implementation of projects
• Control System