Our client Hostel Swanky Mint received a decision to withdraw a grant, supported by the Ministry of Tourism in 2017!



We are extremely happy and proud to be part of a successful entrepreneurial story, in the development and growth of company Pirnat d.o.o., owner of the Hostel Swanky Mint in the City of Zagreb.

In 2016 Hostel Swanky Mint received a grant, supported by the Ministry of Tourism, for the construction of outdoor swimming pool with which Hotel became first hostel in Zagreb with a swimming pool in their offer.

In 2017 Hostel Swanky Mint will receive a grant supported by the Ministry of Tourism for the purchase of electric bicycles and build of a station for the reception and recharging electric bicycles.

By building a rent-a-bike station and purchasing electric bikes, Hostel will meet the criteria for categorizing the facility for bike&bed accommodation.

About Swanky Mint Hostel

The Swanky Mint Hostel is located in the downtown of Zagreb, on the address Ilica 50 where was located the first chemist’s dry cleaner of Zagreb from the end of 19th century. Location of Hostel is near public transport and many touristic destinations in Zagreb. Hostel was open in 2013 and operates throughout all year, providing accommodation services with a total capacity of 49 beds:

  • Three studio apartments which can accommodate up to 13 guests and all of them are equipped with kitchen, private bathroom, air conditioning and TV
  • Four double-bed rooms and one single-bed room with a private bathroom, air conditioning and TV
  • One four-bed, one six-bed, two eight-bed, one nine-bed room with air conditioning, digital locks and shelves

In addition to the overnight stays, there is a gorgeous sun terrace overlooking a beautiful garden -the Swanky Monkey Garden, the ideal surrounding for preparing and enjoying simple, cold dishes and drinks. In order to enrich the hostel’s offer and promote as a touristic destination, there is an outdoor swimming pool (Swanky Pool).

According to the renowned online accommodation booking service, the Swanky Mint Hostel has been rated as outstanding based on user ratings. TripAdvisor, the most famous internet service for the evaluation of tourist destinations and accommodation units, has chosen Swanky Mint Hostel as the best accommodation in Zagreb. The on-line service Booking.com, Hostel was rated as outstanding with an average rating of 9.3/10 and 9.7/10 for its location. The most important online service for hostels – Hostel World, rated Hostel Swanky Mint with an extraordinary rating with of 9.6/10.

The hostel was named the best hostel in the Republic of Croatia by winning the prestigious Hoscar award, awarded by Hostel World to the best rated hostels by the guests in 2015 and 2016.

Genius Consulting team suggest you to go to Swanky for a drink and check out why it is declared the best hostel in the Republic of Croatia.

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