The accession process to the European Union has opened for Croatia the possibility to use significant financial resources from EU funds. Entry into full membership has opened sources of financing to support growth objectives and speed up the growth and development of the Croatian economy and society as a whole.

Almost 2 billion euros from the European Regional Development Fund will be used to support small and medium-sized enterprises, research and innovation. Also, significant amount of more than 3.5 billion euros will be invested in environmental protection, climate change adaptation and network infrastructure.

Our team provides consulting services and expert support in the realization of investment projects in order to achieve public support financed from European and national funds.

Our services in applying to a call for the withdrawal of grants from the EU funds include the following activities:

  • checking the eligibility of an applicant and investment,
  • guiding the client through the collection of administrative and technical project documentation,
  • preparation of project documentation, which includes, but is not limited to: creating a business plan, feasibility study (feasibility) with or without a cost-benefit analysis (cost-benefit analysis), marketing strategies and the development of application forms.

After collecting and creating all the documents required, the next step is the project application for the tender. If the application is positively evaluated, projects are granted and the phase of implementation starts. Implementation of the project includes:

  • management and budget spending over funds
  • managing changes in a project and in a budget
  • full correspondence with the relevant authorities, until all the grants are used

Key phases of the project

• Preparation of the project
• The collection of administrative and technical documents-
• Collecting offers
• Creating a feasibility study, business plan and marketing strategy
• Creating application forms
• Implementation of the project

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