Business ideas often do not become realized business projects due to lack of funds necessary for their implementation. It is the lack of financial resources that absent due to unprepared expected financial results in business shows that entrepreneurs miss the support in the preparation of the financial analysis and business plans. Genius Consulting offers clients a comprehensive quality support in the preparation, development and evaluation of investment projects which will create added value in the business.

We provide the preparation of business plans in different business scenarios that show potential changes in all financial positions of enterprises, which enable our clients a better understanding of potential outcomes in the future of their business.

Our services in the area of financial advisory cover the following types of services:

  • Development and evaluation of business plans
  • Budgeting projects
  • Creating pricing models
  • Creating a scenario financial analysis
  • Making analysis of Financial Statements
  • Estimates of the value of the company
  • Consulting on potential sources of funding

We approach each project individually in order to identify all the key elements for the assessment, and after the identification of all the key elements we approach the preparation of the required analysis according to recognized standards of evaluation.


• Financial Analysis
• Budgeting projects
• Business plans
• Valuations
• Scenario analysis