Students Dorotea and Jakica completed a three-month internship in Genius Consulting!


Genius Consulting is the first company in the Republic of Croatia that started internship according to project “Inicative for young people”, a project linking higher education institutions and businesses to enable young people through the study to develop practices and acquire practical skills that increase their employment oporttunities. (

Our goal is to provide students on economics, agriculture and other faculties with a duration of up to 6 months to work on concrete projects to enter the business world, expand business opportunities, build self-confidence and gain core values that will sooner or later be used in their careers . We want to help students get work habits, create new values, stimulate their creativity and spread new knowledge among their colleagues. We are confident that this is the most sinister way to a successful society and to creating a competitive community. With this conviction, we will convey knowledge to students who are doing the internship in our company that will significantly help them in their business career.

During May, June and July 2017. Dorotea and Jakica, students at the faculties of Agriculture and Economics, were present at our internship, and their brief review is below:


Jakica, Student at the Faculty of Economics

Genius Consulting is a great place to work, especially for internships. Real responsibilities are handed to interns form the day 1 and this is something that I am thankful for as I got to add real value to my team and to experience as much as possible. It has helped me significantly with my career planning. I developed a better understanding of the career path in consulting, helping me to make an informed career decision. Working environment is really great and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for internships.

Dorotea, Student at the Faculty of Agriculture

Genius is a place guided by a young people with fresh and innovating ideas in business. By starting a student internship you become a part of a team  and you work on real projects. Team members encourage you and help you accomplish tasks. Meetings are held regularly and the mentor is always at your disposal for consultation and help. The work environment is safe and stimulating. Your own work desk and computer equipment are a great advantage and also have positive psychological impact when you are doing your tasks. Another great advantage in Genius is a wide range of different projects and sectors which is why the work is dynamic and interesting. Genius is a good place to apply your theoretical knowledge but also to develop interest in another sectors and boost your self confidence. I recommend Genius to all students and specially to my colleagues because of a large number of projects in the agricultural sector.

We invite students who are on the fourth and fifth year of their study who see their interest in performing internship at Genius Consulting to send a resume to our official email with the note “Student Practice”. Good luck!