Successfully completed Croatian-German cooperation in the health sector.


It is our great pleasure to announce that our first major bilateral project which was being prepared for almost a year, and in which we participated as an equal partner with our German partner company Dreberis GmbH, has been successfully completed to the satisfaction of all participants.

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the event “Days of Croatian-German cooperation in the health sector – Modern methods of increasing the efficiency and welfare of patients” in early February 2017. In the name of our patron – the Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany and co-organizer company Dreberis from Dresden, and Partners: Croatian Employers’ Association, Association of Health Care Employers in Croatia and Croatian Chamber of Economy it is an honor and a great pleasure for successfully organized week full of interesting events that would hopefully strengthen cooperation between our two countries.

On the 7th of February 2017 we opened the event called, ”Days of Croatian German cooperation in the health sector”, where Permanent deputy Ambassador of German Embassy in Croatia, mr. Andreas Krauss welcomed German entrepreneurs and shortly briefed them about economic and political environment in Croatia. Then mr. Davor Katavić, Deputy Director of Employers Association in health sector Croatia, held a short presentation on the constitution of financing health services in Croatia and at the end mr. Axel Lohse, from Germany Trade & Invest Agency (GTAI), on behalf of the patrons of the project, wished everyone success and a productive stay in Croatia, while also encouraging mutual cooperation.

The Forum was opened by Monika Kordić, CEO at Genius Consulting. She wished a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests and participants and also wished to all of them for this experience to encourage them to hopefully open the door for even better cooperation between businesses and institutions of Croatia and Germany. Opening remarks were given by:

  • Deputy Director of the Employers Association in health sector Croatia, mr. Davor Katavić, M.D.
  • Permanent deputy Ambassador of German Embassy in Croatia, mr. Andreas Krauss
  • Director of the Association of Health Care Employers Croatian, mr. Dražen Jurković, M.D.
  • Manager of the Trade and Invest Agency (GTAI), mr. Axel Lohse
  • Director of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, mr. Fedor Dorčić, M.D. and
  • Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, mr. Denis Kovačić, M.D.

after which the Director of DREBERIS GmbH, Dr. Markus Reichel presented a very interesting comparative analysis of the current state and challenges faced by both countries.

The first panel on the topic “Innovations to increase the efficiency of the health sector” was opened by mr. Ivan Orač, partner at Genius Consulting, in which was presented the state of the equipment in public health institutions in Croatia by mr. Davor Katavić, Deputy Director of the Employers Association in health sector Croatia. Mr. Zoran Knežević, President of CEA- Association of Private Clinics, Hospitals, Spas and Facilities for Health Care, introduced private health services in Croatia, while Mr. Budan, Director of Medical Product Coordination at Croatian Employers’ Association spoke about the medicinal products in Croatia, after which CEOs of German companies (Miscea GmbH, Meyer-Haake GmbH and CEATEC Medizintechnik GmbH) presented the latest technologies, solutions, and innovations that they have worked on, and are now a part of their product range.

The second panel on the topic Innovation – The program for the medical care of patients was opened by Dr. Markus Reichel, where Mr. Ivica Belina of the Coalition of Associations in Healthcare explained: Where is a patient in the Croatian health system now and where we want him to be? After that, several German companies gave an example of how they have developed products that focus on the patient (Dr. Seibt Genomics GmbH, Springer Aktiv AG, Biomark GmbH, Interco GmbH and Hameln Pharma Plus GmbH).

After closing of the Forum, over sixty B2B meetings were organized. We wish them all a successful continuation of business talks!

What was it like, you can see on the pictures below:

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