We were the first in Croatia that used The Private Sector Youth Initiative!!!



The Private Sector Youth Initiative was launched in October 2016 by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP). The initiative aims to help reduce the skills mismatch in Croatia by bringing together academic institutions, private companies and professional associations in creating first job experiences for young people through high quality internships and providing a route into employment. (inicijativazamlade.hup.hr)

Internships will be available to all students whose faculties are included in the initiative. At present, more than 30 higher education institutions, more than 100 companies, and more than 500 internship positions have been included in the initiative, but judging by the level of current interest, these numbers will certainly increase. The standard duration of student internships in the project will be at least six weeks and at most six months, which will ensure quality and meet the highest standards based on European Union criteria. (tportal.hr)

Zagreb, 6th of February 2017 – The Private Sector Youth Initiative (PSYI) of the Croatian Employers Association (HUP) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in cooperation with private companies, professional associations of women and academic institutions was presented at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. The organizing partners for the initiative were the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science in Osijek, the Council of Students and the British consulting firm People 1st. (tportal.hr)

Monika Kordić, CEO at Genius Consulting spoke about the internships of two students (Luka and Sanja) in her company and their positive experiences. The students had the opportunity to agree with their faculty (EFZG) on the timing of their internships and to coordinate them with the schedule for lectures, which was of significant help to them. These were the first internships under the Private Sector Youth Initiative. They were organized through direct communication between HUP, the faculties, and the companies. Because of the great response, this type of organization will not be feasible in the future and registration for internships will now be made via an interactive web page (tportal.hr).